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Changing the Veterinary Industry

Change Starts Here—Radical Improvement in Veterinary Medicine Requires Radical Change No matter where you go or where you are, modern veterinary professionals all seem to be saying the same thing: “Everything is so bad right now.” “How much worse can it get?” “We can’t go on like this.” Serious issues affecting professional and personal wellbeing—including …

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Stated Salary Does Not Equal Compensation

State Salary Does Not Equal Compensation In general, veterinary professionals are underpaid. While such a blanket statement should normally be avoided, this one unfortunately mostly rings true around the world. From support staff to practice owners, profit margins, salaries, and benefits do not equal the amount of passion, skill, and effort put into veterinary careers. …

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Ways to Combat Burnout

Burned Out but Not Down and Out: 5 Ways to Combat Veterinary Burnout Long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, veterinary professionals suffered from burnout, compassion fatigue, and a higher suicide risk than the general public. Living and working through the pandemic has only exacerbated these mental health problems, speeding the rate at which veterinary professionals …

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How to Hire New Team Members During a Staffing Shortage

What Staffing Shortage? How to Hire New Team Members During the Veterinary Staffing Crisis Any time a veterinary practice manager mentions hiring new staff, you likely think to yourself, “Good luck! It’s practically impossible!” In the midst of the ongoing veterinary staffing shortage, it is difficult to find and retain qualified, talented team members. In …

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Ways to Decrease Your Teams Workload

Suffering from a Veterinary Staffing Shortage? 5 Ways to Share the Workload With the workforce crisis hindering the veterinary industry, it’s tough to find—and retain—good help. Even if you can find a credentialed employee or two to pad your bare-bones team, it may not be enough help to manage your overwhelming caseload. So, what’s a …

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