Coming in May 2020: Commercial Laundry Service

If your practice is doing its own laundry, it may cost more than you realize.

How clean is your laundry?

There is nothing unusual about doing laundry at home, which is why most veterinary practices choose to clean their own linens in-house. Unfortunately, there are several major differences between the wash you do at home and the wash your staff does in the clinic.
  1. Veterinary linens are time-consuming to wash if you don’t have a commercial washer and dryer. (You might be shocked if you tally it up).
  2. Vet linens are very difficult to get thoroughly clean (i.e. medically hygienic) without access to the correct equipment, cleaners, and processes.
  3. Vet linens may contain biohazardous materials, which can pose a danger to staff when handled incorrectly.
Professional Laundry Services from VSS

Minimize risk. Operate more efficiently. Start saving time and money. Contact VSS to schedule a free consultation.

Industrial washing machines

Here’s how we help:

  1. First, our team will consult with you to determine the best service plan that fits the needs of your clinic
  2. Next, our highly trained staff will provide fast, efficient, and industry-leading laundry services
  3. Finally, you and your staff can fully focus on what you do best: Providing exceptional veterinary service for your customers

Laundry is one of the most disliked job duties among veterinary staff, and for good reason. Most clinics simply aren’t equipped to do laundry efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Looking for one of the fastest ways to boost employee morale?

Give them the operational support they deserve and the clean linens they need.

Take the pressure off with reliable, professional laundry services from VSS

Right now, there is a very good chance that your in-house laundering process is lacking efficiency, taking up significant staff time that could be spent doing more beneficial work, and costing you money in the form of long-term equipment maintenance, energy usage, water usage, and other hidden costs.

At best, your laundry process is costing you valuable time and morale. At worst, it may be unsafe and unsanitary.

Fortunately, VSS is here to help.