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Start recouping costs and improve overall patient care

How much are you spending to clean your own veterinary laundry in-house?
(Hint: It’s more than you think).

  • $ to invest in a suitable washer and dryer
  • $ to pay hourly staff to wash, dry, sort, and fold
  • $ for water, electricity, detergents, and disinfectants

How about the hidden costs?

  • $ for inevitable maintenance and repair
  • $ to treat potential increases in post-surgical infections
  • $ for hours of lost productivity

Don’t get stuck in the cycle. There’s a better way.

Here’s how we help:



We consult with you to determine the best service plan that fits the needs of your clinic.
No pressure. No long-term contracts.



Our highly trained staff provide fast, efficient,
medical-grade laundry services, taking the
stress off your staff.



You can focus on what you do best:
Providing exceptional veterinary service for your clients and patients.

“You train for years to be a vet tech. Then you spend hours doing laundry – when you could have used that time to provide better care for patients, update inventory, deep clean the operating room... It’s a frequent stopping block that detracts from more important work.”
Shelly C
Shelly C.
Certified Veterinary Technician

Still on the fence?

Don’t believe your laundry is costing you more than you realize?

Skeptical about just how dirty your “clean” laundry actually is?


Take the pressure off with reliable, professional laundry services from VSS

Recoup hidden costs. Operate more efficiently. Provide better care.