Employment FAQs - Vet Relief Staffing | Veterinary System Services

Employment FAQs

VSS uses its own employees to fill requested relief shifts for our clients. Once you have made it through the hiring process, you are eligible to pick up shifts that you qualify for. We like to get you exposure through your probationary period, as it helps to get in the flow. Otherwise, it’s making this system work for you.

The pay is highly competitive. Most VSS employees make more than what they made in previous employment within this industry. Starting pay depends on education, experience, availability, among other factors. The benefits package is growing with the company. There are a number of bonuses to be achieved for the work you do.

There is paperwork to sign, as there are employment agreements. However, we do not use “contract labor.” Our staff is “at will” employment as defined by the US and State Departments of Labor. VSS is a Temporary Staffing company; we are not a 3rd party placement agency. We do not have non-compete clauses; this work will not conflict with the other contracts you might have in place.