Placement Policy - Vet Relief Staffing | Veterinary System Services

Placement Policy

The VSS Placement Policy is directed by the Temporary Staffing Agreement, Employment Agreements, as it is subject the laws of the federal government and state of Colorado.

We are temporary staffing corporation, not a 3rd party placement agency. VSS does not represent our employees in hiring negotiations. ‘We understand that our service is going to lead to clients and employees wanting to work directly together. Rather than fighting that, we would rather support it.’ Our placement function is built on the premise that we can all do this professionally and appropriately. The fee is charged to offset administration costs, lost revenue, and to compensate for the process that brought this new employee to our clients.

We pass on all hiring inquires made by clients to employees. We do not have control over ‘if’ or ‘how’ an employee responds. We do not represent the employee, nor do we have any involvement after letting them know you are interested in hiring them.

Some employees will choose to remain employed with VSS and will continue to perform relief work. Please have this discussion as part of your own hiring process, we all want to be on the same page when charging a placement fee. The fee is charged when that person starts working for the client.

After the employee has come under your direct employ, there will be no communication between VSS and the client that pertains to that employee’s performance or employment. That employee cannot and Will Not perform further services through VSS for that client.