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This page is for existing clients of Veterinary System Services, Inc. If you are looking for information on setting up an account, please return to the staffing page.


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Short Notice Requests
There are some fees associated with short notice cancellations, as there are fees associated with short notice requests. “Short notice” in this instance is less than a couple days, please refer to the company policy and the “Fee and Shift Schedule.” Also please keep in mind that once an employee is confirmed for a shift, they are counting on working. Use the service in the ways that are best for you, but the more you cancel the less confident staff becomes in signing up for your shifts.
The process starts with an initial client interview. An in-person meeting to answer all your questions, establish a relationship, and to make sure we understand your practice. Once we have a signed contract in place, you are able to request shifts. The contract ensures the rights and obligations for everyone involved. Shift requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. From there, you can utilize the service in the ways that work best for your practice.
The following are observed Holidays by Veterinary System Services Inc.

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanks Giving
Christmas Day

More information coming soon