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Why Your Team Should Be CPR Trained

4 Reasons Why Your Veterinary Team Should Receive CPR Training

Regardless of whether you work in emergency medicine or general practice, when a critical case takes a turn for the worse, you must be prepared to jump into action. Although your list of emergency drugs are already calculated for each patient going under anesthesia, and you understand the potential side effects when your anesthetic protocol is combined with your patient’s health status, disaster can strike the healthiest of pets.

When a patient suffers from cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA), rapidly assessing their status and implementing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is key to their survival. Keep in mind that CPA is not limited to anesthetic events, but can occur at any time, in any patient, especially if their health is compromised. Ensure your veterinary team is prepared for any emergency in your hospital by undergoing CPR training. Here are four reasons why you should invest in your team with CPR training.

#1: Your team will achieve recognition as an official pet CPR-certified team

The non-profit program Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) CPR is the only official pet CPR certification recognized by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS). While other CPR programs are available, none are certified like the RECOVER program.

#2: Your team will learn evidence-based CPR methods

By using the RECOVER CPR method, your team will implement a sound protocol supported by evidence reviewed by more than 100 experts in the field. All this information is boiled down to key points that are made practical to apply in real-life scenarios.

#3: Your practice will be able to display your seal of achievement

Although RECOVER CPR certification is an excellent skill for veterinary professionals, many will not undergo the training program. However, you can proudly display your certification in communication materials, to demonstrate to your clients that your team has gone above and beyond to become RECOVER CPR-certified.

#4: Your team will be set for success

Completion of the RECOVER Pet CPR course prepares your team to participate in practical in-person training to become certified as RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuers. By undergoing training through the only official certification program, your team will be prepared in an emergency to immediately begin providing potentially life-saving CPR.

How being trained in RECOVER CPR saves your patients

Despite incredible advances in veterinary medicine, more than 90 percent of dogs and cats do not survive cardiopulmonary arrest. Before the institution of evidence-based guidelines and mandatory comprehensive training of human health care professionals, pets and people who suffered from CPA had similar outcomes. Now, approximately 20 percent of people, but only 6 percent of pets, survive in-hospital CPA.

The improved outcome in human survival was considered a result of the guidelines and standardized training made mandatory for health care professionals. Based on this model, RECOVER CPA was developed for veterinary professionals. The RECOVER initiative is an ongoing process, combining evaluation of available evidence to develop current best practices and reevaluation in the future.

Why choose Veterinary System Services as your team’s CPR instructor

Our Veterinary System Services team believes in providing veterinary professionals with the skills and experience to be an asset to any practice, especially in an emergency situation. RECOVER CPR training for your team ensures they will be prepared for any situation that requires resuscitation. After undergoing training by our veterinary technician specialist in emergency and critical care, your team will demonstrate improvement in the following areas:

  • Cardiopulmonary arrest preparedness and prevention
  • Basic life support
  • Advanced life support
  • Post-CPR monitoring
  • Veterinary technician CPR training

After completing the lectures and skills labs required for RECOVER CPR training, your team will receive up to 13 hours of RACE-approved CE credits. You can also request a tailor-made CE program to fit your practice needs, to ensure your team receives the training they need in specific skills, topics, or procedures.

To help your team prepare for the worst-case scenario, schedule RECOVER CPR training. CPR certification will not only help save pets’ lives, but also grant confidence and peace of mind when caring for a critical patient. Give our Veterinary System Services team a call to schedule training for your team.

Brad Patton

Brad’s love for animals and exposure to working with them has come in many forms, and spanned decades. From volunteer work, that includes 5 years with the Denver Dumb Friends League, to countless hours being a victim for Search and Rescue dogs, or a chew toy for police dogs, he has a passion for working with animals. In college, Brad worked for a small, three-doctor practice cleaning kennels. Before starting VSS, he spent almost 10 years as an inventory manager for one of the state’s largest animal hospitals. He has seen this industry from many angles.