Continuing Education

Continuing education and professional development are two extremely important parts of any organization’s success. Training helps staff members do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. It allows them to perform new job functions and helps them take on additional responsibilities. Professional development also increases engagement at work, helping employees gain the knowledge to pursue future advancement opportunities.

At VSS, we want our staff members and our clients’ staff members to excel in the field of veterinary medicine. This helps us all provide the absolute best possible service. Therefore, we continue to invest in the professional development of our full-time and part-time employees, and also help promote and/or deliver high-quality training resources to clients.

Professional development opportunities can include:

  • Online learning and continuing education courses
  • Classroom-based training and workshops
  • Professional conferences

For VSS Staff:

If you’re interested in a specific learning or training opportunity, please contact your supervisor. We’ll do our best to accommodate reasonable requests for employees who have demonstrated a commitment to delivering quality service.

For Our Clients: