Secret Shopping

VSS is proud to offer Operational Insights in the form of Secret or “Mystery” Shopping for your clinic. The only way to see how you look from the outside, is to get an outside perspective. Secret Shopping! Time to find out what your clients really think.

Are you, as a Veterinarian, providing the service you intend to? Is your practice delivering consistent messaging and quality medicine in a way that keeps your clients returning? Would you like to know the real answers to these questions?

Mystery shopping is the most valuable tool a service business can have. Getting in-depth feedback from your clients in a constructive manner is the best way to improve your practice. The feedback from your clients generally comes in the forms of extremes, in responses to moments of gratitude or conflict. But that doesn’t give you the information that best describes normal operations. To see what your steady clients think, you need to ask them in a purposeful and safe way. That’s where we come in.

Our mystery shopping service provides protection, while soliciting valuable information, and is presented in a constructive manner. We will work with you to understand your messaging and protocols. VSS then recruits capable and qualified clients that fit your target demographic to survey your processes. After all the shopping has been done, we present the findings back in a constructive manner. Then you can implement solutions. 

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