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Staffing FAQs

How does the service work?

The process starts with an initial client interview.  An in-person meeting to answer all your questions, establish a relationship, and to make sure we understand your practice.  Once we have a signed contract in place, you are able to request shifts.  The contract ensures the rights and obligations for everyone involved.  Shift requests are filled on a first come, first served basis.  From there, you can utilize the service in the ways that work best for your practice.

What are the fees?

Staffing is charged at an hourly rate depending on the time of the shift and the type of services requested.  There are fees attached to short-notice requests, certain cancelations, and placements.  Your costs are a direct reflection of the hours an assigned employee works for you and the services performed for you by VSS.  Even though VSS is not a third party contract placement agency, we understand how amazing some of our employees are and that you will want some of them to work for you.  Therefore, we make room for placement and will charge fees for the direct hiring of VSS employees by the client.

Can I cancel shifts?

Yes, you can cancel shifts.  There are some fees associated with short notice cancellations, as there are fees associated with short notice requests.  “Short notice” in this instance is less than a couple days, please refer to the company policy and the “Fee and Shift Schedule.”  Also please keep in mind that once an employee is confirmed for a shift, they are counting on working.  Use the service in the ways that are best for you, but the more you cancel the less confident staff becomes in signing up for your shifts.

What is your placement rate?

The assignment fulfillment rate varies for time of year, lead time of requests, and location within our service territory.   VSS does not guarantee request fulfillment.

How does the billing work?

You do not pay the employees at the time of service.  Our billing is set up on a 2 week cycle.  After our staff has completed the request, you will receive an invoice from VSS.  This invoice will include all the fees for services rendered during the 2 week billing cycle.  Please note that our invoices are not ‘net 30’ terms.

Can I use VSS for finding new employees?

Yes.  Our focus is on supplementing your staffing needs with our employees in a temporary or “relief” capacity.   We understand that this is going to lead to some really good employees going to work for some really good veterinary practices.  We are happy to facilitate that happening.  Please note: All VSS employees are W-2, “At Will” employees, not contracted to seek 3rd party employment through VSS.  Many employees choose relief for a career and are not entertaining job offers.  VSS does not represent its employees in job negotiations, the company makes no guarantees of and for the employees.

What are my obligations to your employees?

To offer them a safe work environment in compliance with all labor laws, Federal and State. To provide the tools to do the jobs you are asking them to do.  You are not obligated to keep employees that aren’t working out for you.  You do not need to handle any Human Resource issues, such as work comp, taxes, or corrective action.

Do you provide dosimeter badges for your CVTs?

At this time, the majority of our employees have dosimeter badges. For the few employees without a badge, it is company policy that those employees do not assist in the taking of X-rays unless the client has provided a badge.

Is there a guarantee for placements?

No.  We are a temporary staffing company and not placement agency.  You can try the employee out for as long as you want before offering them a job.