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How to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

Between dog food, medications, toys, treats, and clothing, I spent the equivalent of a grocery budget on my dog each month. She slept in my bed with me (under the covers). She hiked with me multiple times per week, and we would only go to the places that allow off-leash dogs, because that’s what she prefered. She was fed before me, and her potty breaks took priority over all other events in my life. She is the one thing I would grab in case of a fire (my husband and I have an agreement: He’ll grab the kid). To the tune of Julie Andrews, she was my fa-vo-rite thing.

Bear in mind that this was an example of her life on any given day, and although I’m admittedly a bit crazy, I also know I’m not alone in this. So, remind me please, why do we need a “National Love Your Pet Day” set aside to spoil them even more? In the same vein that there are Mother’s and Father’s Days but no “Kid’s Day,” what is the point of this crazy day? Shouldn’t she be buying me flowers and sending me to the spa?

In case you decide to celebrate and do something special for your pet on this over-the-top holiday, here are some fun ideas to help you really celebrate it right.


Whip up some chicken and woofles

The internet is bursting with great ideas for homemade pet treats—a fun way to spend an afternoon and cook up some cookies for your non-human family member. Check out these ideas for homemade treats for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and reptiles!

Spoil your pet with a snuggle purrrramid

Find your furry pal a new bed with plush fleece and memory foam. My little one loves hers, which includes a big bolster for her to snuggle into. Or, you could knit your snuggle buddy a cozy blanket or sweater—Etsy has tons of patterns to choose from.

Play Santa Claws

Take your pet shopping at your favorite pet store for a new toy. Let her choose her favorite, or surprise her with one of these fun options:

Pawlish up at the spa

Drop your best fur friend off at the spa while you grab a mani-pedi. Pet spas offer pedicures (with or without pawlish), massages, blueberry facials, and mud baths for your bestie. Not sure your pet will love the spa as much as you do? My girl does cartwheels for a slicker brush and a belly rub, but what do I know?

All iguana do is have some fun

Plan an adventure for the two of you. Does your pet love water, hiking, play dates, or off-leash fun? Plan a one-on-one day with your pet in her favorite place. Click here for a great resource of pet-friendly adventures. Bonus: Pair your adventure day with a swanky new coat, collar, or harness to add some bling to your bestie.

Puparazzi-worthy pics

All these tips would be completely worthless if you couldn’t capture the moment and share it with your social media following. Practice your selfie art, download a new app to up your ‘gram game, give your pics a professional vibe, or bask in the cuteness of a filter specifically for pets.

In the end, it’s all about taking a little extra time to show your pet that you care and celebrating the time you have with her. But, do we really need a designated day for this? As pet owners, we should be showing our furry friends plenty of love regularly.

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